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Transaction Advisory

TCI partners with clients to raise, invest, and preserve capital. TCI provides advisory services that span a transaction’s life cycle from preparation, through valuation, due diligence, and closing.

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Supply Chain Strategy & Benchmarking

TCI has extensive experience developing and testing supply chain network designs as well as performing benchmarking studies for supply chain management organizations, processes, and tools. We partner with our clients to identify and implement practical solutions to improve their business performance and long term competitive market position.

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New Project Development

TCI develops and implements innovative solutions for expansion and project financing needs from a range of sources including private equity groups, conventional financing and government grants and loans.

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Capital Structure Advisory

TCI specializes in special situations including minority stakes when existing owners and management teams do not wish to give up control. Our team has years of experience partnering with clients to develop the best capital structure to achieve their short, mid and long-term goals.

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Government Financing

TCI partners with clients to leverage federal, state, and local government grant and loan programs for capital. Our team will identify the right program to grow your business and guide your company’s project through the application and award process.

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Short Line Rail Intelligence

TCI specializes in the short line rail industry completing projects which include refinancing, sell-side and buy side transactions, supply chain optimization, terminal studies, competitive analysis, valuation, and benchmarking. Our work has resulted in an extensive network and knowledge base that allows us to quickly gain insights and produce results for our clients.

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